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Review: Treasure on Lilac Lane

Treasure on Lilac Lane - Donna Alward

I really enjoyed this first book in this series, but Treasure on Lilac Lane was flat from the start. Rick is a borderline alcoholic because of PSTD and has just lost his mother. He is trying to stay on the straight and narrow, and away from the booze. Jess runs her own store and used to have a big crush on Rick when she was a teenager. she can barely stand him now because his alcoholism reminds her of her ex-boyfriend, who used to get very abusive when he drank. Rick has many friends and supporters to help him get through this rough patch in his life. Through a series of interactions, Jess is witness to Rick's recovery and gives him another shot. They become lovers even as Jess's part comes back to haunt her in the form of her horrible ex who returns because his own mother is dying.


Treasure on Lilac Lane was pretty dull reading. Jess and Rick don't have any real chemistry. I found these two tepid even when they become lovers. Jess's personality was pretty underwhelming, while Rick just seemed to go through the motions of life. These two are what I would call wallpaper. Also Jess's abusive ex story line seems out of place and tacked on because other then Jess and Rick dancing around their attraction for one another, there wasn't much going on here.


Treasure on Lilac Lane is pretty much a dud and a ho-hum read that is forgettable.