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Are you kidding me?

Black Lies - Alessandra Torre

This is a prime example of why Amazon reviews are worthless and how an author's fans skew ratings to an outrageous degree.


While browsing my recommendations, I came across Alessandra Torres' new book, Black Lies. It was released August 24th and as of today has 1,199 reviews at Amazon. Of those, 1,018 are five stars and 112 are four. The top ranked review has 154 "helpful" votes and is titled, "THE MOST PERFECT BOOK OF THE YEAR FOR ME!! 6 STARS!!! AND A STANDING OVATION!" (caps are not mine)


It's worse at Goodreads. There are 7,737 ratings and 2,024 reviews and the book has an average rating of 4.49. That breaks down to 4,894 five star ratings, 2010 four star, 644 three star and only 189 people rated it two and one star. That's ridiculous.


I know this isn't anything new to the majority of everyone reading this. ;)  It just ticked me off today and I had to call this author and her fans out. There's simply no way this wasn't an organized blitz.