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Review: Killer Queen

Killer Queen - L.H. Cosway

Killer Queen (Painted Faces #2) by L.H. Cosway is for the fans of Painted Faces (click here for review), one of L.H.’s best novels to date, If you loved Painted Faces, you will adore Killer Queen. Nicholas, the main protagonist is such a saucy, sassy man ho (until he meets his Fred, the main protagonist of Painted Faces), honest without a filter, sweetheart. I love his personality and his lust that turns to love for his Fred. Revisiting these two was like a breath of fresh air. I wasn’t bored at all, and I loved seeing certain scenes from Painted Faces in Nicholas’ POV.


Nicholas still has a love for Fred’s breasts and her lady garden. I cracked up during the explanation of why Nicholas doesn’t go near the lady garden with his mouth, as well as a scene toward the end of the book when he and Fred aren’t speaking. It involves him seeing Fred’s breasts again, which he thinks have gotten bigger and better because he hasn’t seen them or touched them in so long. He is enamored of Fred period, although her boobs are an added plus for him.


Nicholas is such a hoot, a lovable hoot. But we also see his moments of depression and some angst because of his past that led him to becoming a drag queen performer. You really get a good feel on who Nicholas is based on his internal thoughts and feelings and why he acts the way he does.


The ending is so AWWWWW. This is the type of book that you want to hug and hold close while you sing show tunes. Another winner from Ms. Cosway. I would recommend you read Painted Faces first and then Killer Queen.