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Review: Every Time I Think Of You

Every Time I Think of You - Tracey Garvis-Graves

Every Time I Think of You is a nice story to get lost in. There's some great tension, romance and a few twists, especially towards the end. I also think this would be a great TV movie because the characters and overall storyline is engaging and would really work well on screen.

Things start off with a bang of sorts when Elliott, Daisy's three year old son is hiding under his bed as his grandmother is killed by an unknown assailant. Daisy works as a nurse and lives with her grandmother who has been her biggest supporter, especially after Daisy divorced her drug addicted husband. Daisy's life turns upside down because of her grandmother's murder, which goes unsolved. But because of the murder, Brooks comes into Daisy's life.

Brooks is a reporter in San Francisco, who moves back home for awhile to see his dying mother one last time and to take care of his father. He takes on a job at the local paper and investigates the murder of Daisy's grandmother. Soon he has more of a personal interest in Daisy and becomes her friend, while trying to figure out who the murderer is. Eventually Brooks and Daisy become lovers and then establish a relationship where Brooks becomes more of a father figure to Elliott. Even Brooks' father comes to love Daisy and Elliott. They become one big family unit. But then unspeakable happens, where Daisy could lose everything.  

Every Time I Think Of You should appeal to fans of contemporary romance, as well as women's fiction with a touch of suspense. Daisy and Brooks are very kind and lovely people who compliment each other in so many ways. The importance of family is big here, especially with Brooks and his father. Also the way Brooks treats Elliott, and then thinks of him like his son is great. The love scenes with Brooks and Daisy are also a nice touch.

The twist toward the end is something I didn't expect, but he way it's handle works, especially the HEA for all the characters involved.

Overall, an engaging novel by an author who never disappoints.