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Review: Mad For You

Mad For You - Anna Antonia

Some books astound me because I can’t believe they’re published as is. So is the case of Mad For You by Anna Antonia. Mad For You is eye twitchingly bad and needs a good editor STAT. It reads more like a first draft and some girl’s fantasy after watching one too many Disney movies. Gabriel, the so-called man-ho hero is a billionaire at twenty-five, which in itself is ridiculous. Apparently he is mega rich and a CEO because of his family who hands over a corporation to him, no questions asked. We have no idea of his qualifications that makes him this incredible business man, all before the age of thirty.


He and Emma went to high school together, and at prom he crooks his finger at her and she ends up having sex with him. It’s the best night of her life and she has as many orgasms even though she was a virgin. No pain and only pleasure for her first time. There’s no explanation why she would lose her virginity to a walking STD horny guy. She dumps him as fast as she can because she’s not sticking around, panting to for him because he’ll never change his man ho ways, all at seventeen, or so she believes.

Eight years later Emma and Gabriel meet in an elevator, and this is where it gets creepy. Gabriel, this world renowned lover and business man not only becomes a love sick, immature stalker, but acts like he’s in high school His personality doesn’t make any sense. Also he loves calling women “dear” and “my dear”. What present day twenty-five year old guy uses that endearment? One moment Gabriel tries (but fails) to act as this suave, debonair man, but then reverts back to this tween personality. The way he treats Emma is disturbing. He won’t take the word “no” for an answer. Within minutes of seeing her in the elevator, he’s all over her. He tells her he won’t leave her alone until she agrees to do whatever he wants. She agrees to his every demand, and he takes her on a Cinderella type of shopping spree. Then he moves into the empty apartment next to hers and copies her apartment key so he can come and go as he pleases. He then lashes out after getting drunk because Emma won’t give her entire heart and soul to him because he’s too rich and has a walking STD past. Gabriel is a pathetic sap.


Emma and Gabriel talk and talk some more. There’s no sex or hardly any foreplay. Nothing about this book or these two characters are appealing. It’s very weak storytelling and writing period.


Mad For You is bad and lame. Don’t torture yourself by reading this sad attempt at writing. Also, this isn’t a New Adult novel. The characters are not your typical New Adult types other than their annoying immature personalities. Emma and Gabriel are very independent and settled in their lives.