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Review: Sweet Adventure

Sweet Adventure (The Klaus Brothers Book 3) - Penny Watson

Fans of The Klaus brothers books will eat this one up. Penny has an engaging writing style that's a bit quirky but uber-adorable. Sweet Adventure is a feel good adventure with a touch of suspense with killer ice plants and Yeti that wants to make intruders deady.

Andi may appear to be a soulless tabloid reporter who makes up stories about farfetched people and situations (think aliens from space and Bigfoot attacking hikers). But underneath it all, Andi has a soul of a poet and writes these ridiculous over the top unbelievable stories because she needs the money to help her family, including her recently widowed sister and her two twin sons. Andi thinks if she can find out the real scoop about the Klaus family, she'll have the story of the year. but Sven, the head toymaker has other ideas.

Sven wants to make furniture instead of just toys (He reminds me of Aidan from Sex and the City *rowl*). He currently has a bad case of the blahs. But when he goes to a charity function hosted by his family, he meets Andi and has stars (and lust) in his eyes. he doesn't realize she's the annoying tabloid reporter who won't leave him alone. Sparks fly between the two before Sven has to head back home. Andi sneaks into his plane, and that's when chaos ensues.

Sven and Andi are forced to rely on one another through a dangerous snow storm, scary plants that will freeze a person to death, and the monstrous Yeti. But passion collides for Sven and Andi. Does Sven reveal to Andi how he's one of Santa's sons and the behind the scenes factory with the elves who make their great toys?

Sweet Adventure is simply sweet. Penny's characters are so likable, even though I felt Sweet Adventure was too short, especially when it came to Sven and Andi falling in love. There wasn't enough time for their connection, and the "I love you's" were too fast. But their love scene were great, and at the end I did feel Sven had found his one true love with Andi.

Those looking for a great holiday read, need to check out Penny Watson and the hunky Klaus brothers.