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Review: Almost Like Love

Almost Like Love - Abigail Strom

Almost Like Love by Abigail Strom is exactly what I like in my contemporary romances. Kate is a children's television writer who gets fired because her shows is tanking in the ratings. That same day her fiancé dumps her for another woman. He blames her for him cheating because she's boring and also a bit of a nerd/geek because she love comic books. Kate is sick of being walked all over and goes to a club to pick up a bad boy she can use for sex.


Unfortunately her night goes downhill when her former boss, Ian, the VP of Programming is at the same club. She wants nothing to do with him, but he overhears how she's on the prowl for a bad boy. Ian feels he has to save Kate from making a mistake because she's too kind and sweet. He offers himself in the role. He does have tattoos, and even borrows his friend's motorcycle. He feels guilty for firing Kate, but that's the biz. He offers her a job as his young brother's babysitter (their parents died in an accident recently and Ian is his teen brother's guardian) until Kate can get back on her feet. She accepts, not that she needs the money, but when she hears about Ian's brother being too quiet and closed off, she decides to help.


Slowly Ian and Kate form a friendship. He helps her out when her pathetic ex-fiancé comes back around, as well as pretending to be a bad boy toy to impress her friends. Kate finds out Ian was once a big fan of Dungeon and Dragons and why he can't connect with his brother who has become close with Kate. Then there's the issue of Ian's attraction to Kate and how he wants her in his bed but can't commit to her.


Almost Like Love was adorable. Kate has a very unique type of personality and surprised me with her attitude and the way she handles Ian, who at first comes across as this straight laced TV executive. Ian is far from being a bad boy. He has more beta tendencies then alpha. I really liked Ian and his brother's interactions, including the healing process between them.


Almost Like Love is a sweet little, feel good story.