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Review: Heart Fire

Heart Fire - Robin D. Owens

Antenn finally gets his story! It's now 22 years after the events of the first book. Fans of this series will eat this one up. I really enjoy yhe incredible story building and the group of characters, who we've seen grown throughout this series. Heart Fire is heavier on the dialogue, and has a big mystery element. The Fam Cats are adorable as ever. This story takes place over a few days and the HeartMate element isn't as important here, which is a nice change. Antenn and Taiana are strangers, who at first are at odds with one another. As they get to know one another, they fall in love. The passion and lust factor is very minimal. They fall in love not because of the HeartMate bond, but because they connect on another level. Their love is more subtle and not the explosive type.There is only one full descriptive love scene.

Many past events are mentioned in this one, and we see Danith and T'Ash together and still in love. I really enjoyed the emphasis on the residents and how they want a family to call their own.

Every book in this series is like wrapping yourself in a warm cozy blanket.