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Review: The Darkest Touch

The Darkest Touch - Gena Showalter

Right from the start I was confused by what was going on. The writing seemed manic and gave me whiplash. I had to re-read certain pages because I couldn't get a grip on what was happening. Torin's personality is complete different from what we've seen from the past books. Also Keeley was too strange for me to like. She comes across as very spoiled and bratty. I really didn't get the connection between her and Torin. I was more interested in the side stories and characters, such as Cameo, Baden and William (I WANT WILLIAM's STORY ASAP!)

Also the way Torin can control his demon and touch Keeley seems like a quick fix. It was really obvious and easy that it was surprising no one thought of this when Torin's demon was first forced on him.

Other than the side stories, there's not much going on here. I really wasn't invested in Torin and Keeley as a couple. Their romance seems forced.

This latest LOTU book was a dud for me.