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Review: A Gift to Remember

A Gift to Remember - Melissa Hill

A Gift to Remember by Melissa Hill is sweet like chocolate! This book will give you the warm feels. Darcy is a hopeless romantic, who works in a bookstore. She adores books, especially classic romance where she dreams of her perfect hero. As she's riding her bike, she crashes into a man, who is walking across the street with his dog. She feels incredibly guilty, and when she goes to the hospital to check up on him, he's coherent and a little banged up, but has amnesia. The man is Aiden and isn’t upset Darcy hit him, but grateful she cares enough to help him recover while he’s in the hospital.


Darcy ends up taking Aiden’s dog, Bailey until he can recover. She also takes it upon herself to find out who Aiden is. Soon Darcy is on a treasure type hunt to solve the mystery regarding this, sweet, handsome man and his dog. She finds out Aiden lives a very posh lifestyle, the complete opposite of her own. As she connects the dots of Aiden's life, she starts to fall in love with Aiden even knowing he's way out of her league.

A Gift to Remember has a nice chick lit tone. The joy is watching Darcy connect the dots regarding Aiden. When she finds out who he really is, she's in for some shocks. These shocks are nice little twists that when they call come together will make the reader cheer for Darcy.


The epilogue is one of the best I read this year. A Gift to Remember is the type of book that gives you the warm fuzzies. A wonderful romance to help keep away the winter blahs.