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Review: Getting Lucky

Getting Lucky (The Portland Pioneers Book 2) - Beth Bolden

Beth Bolden has one of the best contemporary romance voices I’ve read this year. Getting Lucky is her second release, and really hit the sweet spot. Whereas her first release, The Lucky Charm was more of a sports romance, Getting Lucky is a small town romance set during the winter holidays. This read like a screenplay for a television show, and reminded me of Gilmore Girls. The romance was more on the sweet and tender side, even though there are some great love scenes, but nothing too raunchy or over the top purple prosy.


Noah, the hero is suffering from migraines after he’s hit with a ball in the head. He’s a big shot baseball player who visits the small town where Tabitha, his ex-girlfriend/lover of sorts grew up. He ends up meeting her sister, Maggie, a café owner and baker. She loves her small town life and everything about it. She isn’t too thrilled to meet Noah, who seems to be in love with her flighty sister. You soon find out that’s not the case (thank you for not taking that silly trope and running with it into the ground.).


Noah decides to remain in Sand Point for a while. He ends up buying a fixer upper of a house close by. He also tries to get on Maggie’s good side, not because he wants to get in touch with the elusive Tabitha, but because he really likes Maggie. She, in turn, also likes Noah and they start to have a little romance. It’s more of a slow courtship between the two. Maggie’s best friend Cal isn’t happy about Noah. Could Cal have feelings for Maggie? Or maybe he’s hiding another secret involving Tabitha who suddenly shows up out of the blue.


Getting Lucky is a feel good romance. Noah and Maggie are wonderful characters. The romance here is very believable. Noah and Maggie’s attraction, and steps to act on it was enjoyable to read. Beth is becoming one of my favorite contemporary romance authors who can complete with any of the big time traditionally published authors writing the same type of settings and couples.


If you’re looking for a fresh new author, try Beth Bolden and The Lucky Charm and Getting Lucky.