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Announcing the 2015 Lesbian Fiction Appreciation Event! (#LFAE2015)

LFAE 2015


January is one of my favorite months in blogging because it's the annual Lesbian Fiction Appreciation Event (#LFAE) here on Babblings! Started in 2012, the LFAE helps promote all types of Lesbian literature and the authors who write and publish it. As an author writing Lesbian Romance, I'm always looking for ways to promote the Lesbian genre. Many times when LGBTQ is mentioned, only Gay Fiction/Romance (M/M) is highlighted, and Lesbian Fiction/Romance (F/F) is pushed to the side. The M/M genre is becoming more mainstream in publishing, specifically being published in digital lines for some big name traditional publishers. With the continual growth in epublishing overall, and some epublishers publishing Gay Fiction/Romance exclusively, promoting and highlighting Lesbian Fiction and their authors is more important than ever.




Again there 's this fallacy that Lesbian Fiction/Romance doesn't sell well. I'll let you in on a little secret. At the then of September I self-published a Lesbian New Adult novella titled, This Time Now. This Time Now was rejected by two epublishers, so I went ahead and self-published it. In October, This Time Now gave me my best sales in almost 2 years, and continues to sell. Based on this sales movement, you bet I'm going to write more Lesbian Fiction. I will never stop writing Lesbian Fiction or Lesbian Romance because since 2010, Lesbian Romance has netted me thousands of dollars in sales.


This year's Lesbian Fiction Appreciation Event starts on Sunday, 1/11/15 and ends Saturday, 1/31/15 (3 weeks in total). Here is the list of those participating in this year's event:


Anastasia Vitsky

CJ Harte

Isabella from Sapphire Books

Salome Wilde

Lauren Gallagher

Andrea Bramhall

Alyssa Lynn Palmer

Meredith Doench

Clifford Henderson

Jessica E. Subject

Paisley Smith

Michaela Rhua

Harper Bliss

Leigh Ellwood

Olivia Starke

Teresa Wymore

Lucy Felthouse

Heather Massey

Kathleen Knowles

Clara Nipper

Sheri Lewis Wohl

Annameekee Hesik

Linda Kay Silva

Scarlet Chastain

Adrian J. Smith

Erik Schubach

Patty G. Henderson

Kate Richards

Less Than Three Press

Danika from the Lesbrary


I still have spots available for anyone wants to participate in this event. If so, email me at katiebabsg at gmail dot com. Want to revisit past LFAEs? Click on each picture:






LFAE 2014 logo

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