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Review: Bare Beginner

Bare Beginner (Pole Dance) (Volume 1) - S.G. Lovell

Very interesting concept with the pole dancing class, including a sweet romance that most contemporary romance readers (who enjoy a big city setting) will enjoy.

Lexa is more or less a hermit. She doesn't go out that much, or isn't that sociable. Her parents are very overbearing and protective and want Lexa to come home so they can take care of her. She had a bad situation occur in college when she was at a crowded bar and a man got very pushy and touchy feely with her to the point he almost attacked her. A man named Jack comes to her rescue. Years later that situation still affects Lexa. She decides she needs to move on from it and build up her confidence. She decides to do this by taking a pole dancing class. She also scores an internship at a great company, which is partly owned by Jack, the man who saved her, and his brother.

Jack has never forgotten Lexa, and is thrilled she's an intern at his company. He hopes it will give him the chance to get to know Lexa better and even date her. Lexa is very attracted to Jack, but she has never dated before or even have sex. Plus one of Jack's clients, a rich man's wife is very into Jack and has the looks and the entire sexy package that Lexa doesn't have. But Jack wants Lexa and uses his charm to break down Lexa's defenses to give him a chance.

Bare Beginner was a very enjoyable read. Lexa might not have enough experience with love and sex, but you understand why. When she takes a chance with Jack, you root for both of them. Jack is a sweetheart who is very tender and respectful of Lexa's wishes, especially when it concerns them being intimate.

I really like to pole dancing scenes and the friends Lexa makes there. It was a nice touch.

Overall, a very solid romance and one I would recommend romance readers give a try.