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Review: The Game Plan

The Game Plan: A Neighbor from Hell - R.L. Mathewson

Disappointing to the max! This reads more as a first draft. I didn't understand Danny and Jodi's motivations at all, and their lack of chemistry was glaring here. The slapstick over the top comedy was ridiculous. At one point I had to re-read a few sections over because I couldn't understand what was going on. One of the characters from a past Hell book is a cook from hell. Whoever touches her food breaks out in hives and gets violently ill. This is what happens to Jodi who has a strange reaction to and type medicine to counteract her food poisoning, or I think that's what occurs. I couldn't really understand because the reason was lost in the wackiness of the situation.

This read like one big run-on thought and very unlike the first 2 books in this series that I really have enjoyed. The ridiculousness of the story and characters is too, too much. I had a hard time concentrating on everything that was happening. Even the love scenes, which were long winded went on forever and didn't deliver the climax I was hoping for.

I give this a 1.5 stars. I feel that Matthewson has lost her mojo with this series, but because she has a big fan base, she'll sell well regardless. This one made the New York Times, so there you go.