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Review: A Winter's Wedding

A Winter's Wedding. Sharon Owens - Sharon Owens

A Winter's Wedding is a nice read for the chick-lit fans. Beginning in the harsh winter in London, Emily works for a home and garden type magazine. She loves her work there and is very good friends with her boss, Arabella, who is having big problems in her marriage. Emily has given up on marriage and even dating since her fink of ex-fiance stood her up on her wedding day. She's still paying off her wedding loans almost 2 years later. She still keeps her wedding dress as a reminder of her failure. But then one days she decides to clean out her closets, and that's where she meets Dylan.

Dylan is helping his sister, who works at a type of consignment shop. Emily donates her clothes and other clutters she doesn't need. Dylan is handsome and seems very nice. She gives Dylan a chance, and soon they're dating. Dylan is the perfect boyfriend- loving, understanding and very supportive of Emily. As Emily's relationship with Dylan strengthens, Arabella's falls apart. Her husband leaves her to start a new life with another woman. Arabella tries to get her revenge against her soon to be ex-husband that is both shocking and somewhat funny. While Arabella is having a breakdown over her broken marriage, Emily has to deal with her parents, who always have money problems because her father is addicted to gambling and her mother an alcoholic.

A Winter's Wedding takes place over a year as we see Emily find love again and work her issues out with her parents, who were never there for her. You cheer Emily on as she reevaluates her life with Dylan by her side. Dylan is a true prince of a man. Arabella is a spitfire who brings forth the chuckles.

A cute, and at times endearing novel about love and life and everything in between. The ending is near perfect and brings forth the warm fuzzies.