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Review: Getting Out of Hand

Getting Out of Hand: Sapphire Falls book one - Erin Nicholas

Getting Out of Hand by Erin Nicholas is a very cute small town romance about a former geek, (who loves working with dirt and farming) who comes back to the town who never really understood him and meets the woman of his dreams. Fans of contemporary romance will get a kick out of this one, although after 3 days, the hero and heroine are already saying “I love you” to one another, which is not realistic at all. But I shrugged it off because the couple had great chemistry together and their “love” was believable to me.

Mason has a killer IQ, looks and is a pretty confident guy, even though when he was a teen, he was somewhat awkward. He was two years ahead of everyone in school and didn’t really interact well with his peers. He had a crush on Hailey, the most popular girl in school who ends up embarrassing him in public because he thought after they kissed, she would want to date him. Years later, Mason is asked to come back to the town to help it out. The land he owns is part of the town’s plan to build extra business, and bring in more revenue. Mason has to agree, but Hailey is the mayor, the girl who made him look like a fool.


Adrianne is Hailey’s assistant, who left Chicago for the small town life after she had a minor heart attack. She dreams of opening a candy store, which would be on Mason’s land. She arrived in Sapphire Falls long after Mason left. When he returns one night, he visits the bar where she, and some other women are being auctioned off for dances for charity. Mason pays a hefty amount to dance with Adrianne. That’s when the sparks between both begins. Hailey seems interested in Mason, and not just because she wants his land. Mason wants Adrianne because after a day or so, she understands his motivations and who he is. They bond, kiss, make out, and in 3 days are in love. But Mason might end up on the other side of the world for a special job that may last over 6 months. He wants Adrianne to come with him, but she loves her life in Sapphire Falls. Will these two make it work or just go along with a few day fling (even though they’re head over heels in love with one another?) and then say bye-bye?


Getting out of Hand is really cute. Mason is a combination of sexy and sweet, plus more on the beta hero side. Adrianne is perfect for him. Their chemistry is excellent and they connect on a great level. If you can get passed the insta-love trope here, you’ll enjoy Getting out of Hand. Overall a solid romance.