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Review: Play Me a Love Song

Play Me a Love Song - Harper Whitmore

This is a pretty formulaic romance. Poor heroine meets rich hero and they fell in love. But the rich hero isn't a jerk and more beta than alpha. The heroine is a hard working caregiver, who is very much a Mary Sue type character. The story ends on a cliffhanger so those who aren't fans of cliffies, you may want to wait for sequel to be released.

The sensuality factor here is very subtle. The main couple act younger than they are portrayed, even with their life experiences. The millionaire hero had a rough start in life but was saved by his aunt and uncle. The same for the heroine who was taken in by her loving grandmother, who now has Alzheimer's. Heroine works two jobs to make ends meets and while she works at the best hotel in the city, she meets the owner, our too good to be true millionaire hero. Butterflies in the tummy (rather than fireworks) for the main couple as they dance around their attraction because it's not the thing for the millionaire hero to be involved with his employee. Some of the characters are stereotypical like the hero's rich, snobbish wench girlfriend he is with for no real reason other than to cause tension in the story.

There's not really exciting or memorable about Play Me A Long Song. It's an okay read that's very fairy tale, PG like.