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Review: The Perfect Play

The Perfect Play - Jaci Burton

Fans of sports romance will enjoy this one. The Perfect Play is a very steamy contemporary romance about Tara, a single mother with a teenage son who works as an event planner. She meets Mick, an excellent football player who is starting to feel his age. He has a big fan base and women love him. He and Tara connect and she goes up to his hotel room to have a hot and smoldering one night stand that leads to more for the two.

Mick and Tara have great chemistry. These two are very nice people who although have a passionate relationship, they connect on a deeper level. Their love scenes are plenty and creative, although the sexy talk, mainly from Mick is very caveman like and I'd rather these two get it on together with actions instead of some of the cheesy sex dialogue mixed in.

There's some tension, thanks to Mick's agent, Liz who wants Mick and Tara to break up because Tara doesn't fit with Mick's lifestyle. Other than that drama, things work well overall because you want Mick and Tara to stay together and reach that HEA they deserve.

The Perfect Play has a heavy eroticism to it, but never ventures into purple prose territory.

A solid romance all around.