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Review: Reckless Nights

Reckless Nights (Vegas Nights Book 1) - Karen Erickson

Karen Erickson is so good at writing novellas. Reckless Nights is one sexy romance about a one night stand in Las Vegas that becomes much more between an an average type of woman (Or so Reagan, the heroine believes herself to be) and a too good to be true prince charming type actor who connect on a deeper level within minutes of meeting at a ritzy party.


Reagan is a nurse who works long hours. She goes to Las Vegas with her two best gal pals for some R&R. They end up at a celebrity party, and that’s where Reagan catches the eye of Declan, an actor who Reagan used to have a big crush on. Declan was once the biggest stars in Hollywood but his partying and drinking got out of control. He went to rehab and is now on the straight and narrow, ready to get back into the spotlight with a new role that could make his career all over again. When he meets Reagan, the sparks fly between them, and then some. Within a few hours these are on their way to falling love, which means insta-love. It seems cliche, but the way Karen writes it, she really makes it believable. Declan is willing to make Reagan’s sexual fantasy a reality, and she goes up to his hotel suite where they have some naked fun together.


The sex scenes simmer and smolder with great sensuality. Karen is a master at writing great love scenes. The one night stand turns into something much more between Reagan and Declan. I wanted Reckless Night to be longer. The conflict here is very minimal other than the issue with Declan’s celebrity status and if Reagan is good enough to be with him because she feels she’s not “Hollywood” in any shape or form.


Reckless Nights was a quick fun time read set in one of my favorite US cities.