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Review: Cold Cold Heart

Cold Cold Heart - Tami Hoag

Cold Cold Heart by Tami Hoag (who once wrote category romance way back in the day, mainly for Loveswept, and then moved to mystery and thrillers) is a great mystery thriller, but it has an abrupt ending that may annoy readers, which it did for me. Perhaps a sequel is in the works? But overall the clues and the way things are broken down as we find out who killed Dana’s best friend from high school is well done.


Dana is the only surviving victim of a serial killer. We see how she gets away from the killer within the first few pages, which is chilling. The effects of her kidnapping has changed Dana forever. She was beaten, tortured, scarred and raped. She has to relearn most of her motor skills because of what happened after she defeated the deranged killer. This 24 year old had a bright future ahead with a career in television as a news reporter, but now she is living with her mother and step-father, who is running for senate. Dana’s personality has changed also. She is angry and upset and not as friendly as she used to be. She can’t stand her step-father, who married her mother after her father died in a freak hunting accident. Her life is destroyed and she can barely function.


She’s given a new purpose when she begins to look into her best friend Casey’s death from ten years ago. Casey’s secret boyfriend at the time looks as if he might be the killer. Then there is Casey’s former boyfriend from high school, now a cop, who has a renewed interest in her. Dana’s step-father might also know something about Casey’s disappearance as well.


There are many suspects regarding Casey’s disappearance, including how people used to see Dana, who is completely different now. I found myself on the edge of my seat as Dana puts together the pieces of Casey’s disappearance. There are more then a few twists you won’t see coming.


I really enjoyed Cold Cold Heart, even though the ending left me unsatisfied. It read like a cliffhanger, which makes me wonder if a sequel is in the works. But even with the lacking ending, I would recommend Cold Cold Heart as a pretty good mystery. Fans of Tami Hoag will also eat this one up