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Review: The Girl Most Likely

The Girl Most Likely - Donna Alward

The Girl Most Likely by Donna Alward is a cute contemporary romance with a very subtle sensuality tone. The heroine and hero are attracted to one another, but don’t go further than kissing. It’s a nice read for those who like subtle romances, and for teens. It was originally published with Samhain Publishing in 2006, and now self-published.

Katie was the very fun and popular girl in high school. She was even given the title, “The Girl Most Likely To Have Fun”. Now ten years later, she wants to make something of herself. She never went to college, and has worked menial jobs, mainly in food service or at restaurants. She’s a natural cook who wants to open her own restaurant serving health food. But Katie can’t get a loan from a bank because she doesn’t have any real experience, and is recently dealing with a betrayal from the man she loved and worked with who used her in a horrible way. She turns to Ric, a self made millionaire she once knew in high school. Their parents were really good friends, but she didn’t mind the nerdy Ric, even going out of her way to be nice to him outside of school. But she embarrassed him when he asked her to the prom in front of all the cool kids. Now she’s asking him for a loan, which she knows he won’t give her because of how cruel she was to him ten years ago.


Ric is pleasantly surprised to see Katie. He was hurt by what she did to him in high school, but to him it’s all water under the bridge. At first he doesn’t give her the money for the same reasons everyone else, including her parents say. No one believes Kate can succeed. But then he gives her another offer. He’ll be partners with her. She accepts, but is wary of his intentions. She can’t mix business with pleasure like before, and although she’s more than attracted to Ric, and he to her, she won’t cross that line. She also still has guilt over treating him poorly and her low self-esteem because so many people think her restaurant will fail, with the exception of Ric who wants Katie as more as his partner. He just has to convince her a romance between them is worth it.


The Girl Most Likely is very cute, about a former nerd who becomes a swan because of his intelligence and willingness to change things about himself. Katie tries to look on the bright side of things, but her constant self-doubt makes her skittish and afraid. She refuses to believe in herself. Ric is exactly what she needs to succeed.


Most of the tension comes from Katie and Ric dancing around their attraction for one another. It continues up until the very end, which may annoy readers, but the HEA for Katie and Ric, and the way it happens is well worth the wait.


Ric is a nice change from the alpha, possessive millionaires found in current romances being published. He’s a more of a beta hero. He’s a treasure. The reason to read The Girl Most Likely is because of him, and his tender and understanding ways with Katie.

Overall, an enjoyable PG-Rated romance.