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"The books are well written. They're romances, fantasies in which S&M plays a part."- Anne Rice on Fifty Shades of Grey and EL James

Thank you," Fifty Shades of Grey." --- Until Fifty Shades came along, my Sleeping Beauty erotic trilogy had been an underground success for decades. None of the volume had ever gone out of print, and collectively they gave me steady royalties that were comfortable and at times exciting. Then "Fifty Shades" hit the world, and suddenly the sales of The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy shot way up. More and more people discovered it and the publisher discovered those people discovering it, so they reissued the books with a new intro and new cover art, and they sold very very well. I wrote the fourth book, "Beauty's Kingdom," which will appear on April 21st. So I want to say thank you to "Fifty Shades" as a cultural phenomenon. Thank you for revealing to the world that women have come out of the closet as sexual beings who are quite willing to stand in line to buy a fantasy novel about S&M, no matter what anybody thinks. I believe in erotic writing. I believe in erotica. I think it's a wholly legitimate "genre" and I'm proud to be an erotic writer. And in this great world in which we live, no writer is really in direct competition with any other writer. There's room for us all. We can each try our personal best to write the books of our dreams and to become the writers of our dreams. And I'm really glad Fifty Shades came along. I am happy for E.L. James. And I'm happy for all the people who like "Fifty Shades." I hope the movie will be good and successful, and even if it isn't, E.L. James has made history and I hope she's enjoying every minute of her success. ----- I look forward to hearing from you guys as to how you liked the movie. I'm curious to see if it's going to work. And for all of you who've heard that the writing in the "Fifty Shades" is terrible, I'm here to offer my opinion that it is not terrible at all. The books are well written. They're romances, fantasies in which S&M plays a part. But when a writer scores an immense success such as E.L.James scored, it's fashionable to knock her books, say they're awful, when in fact they are not. And their popularity testifies that they are not. They may not be everyone's cup of tea, but competently written they most certainly are. That's my two cents anyway. Enjoy "Fifty Shades" and once again, E.L. James, I wish you every blessing. You've certainly done a lot for me. And frankly, I think you've done a lot for women too. "Fifty Shades" is a tribute to the imagination, to the right of people to make up fantasies and write fantasies, and offer those fantasies to the world. Bravo, E.L. James.

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