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Review: The Passion of Patrick MacNeill

The Passion Of Patrick MacNeill - Virginia Kantra

The Passion of Patrick MacNeill was originally published as a longer length category romance for Harlequin. It's a very sweet, and at times emotional story with a romance readers can connect with and get behind. Both protagonists are very independent and strong willed, but are very caring to their families and loyal friends. Readers who enjoy the importance of family and characters who are dedicated to their jobs will enjoy this one. Also the romance factor is a slow build of acting on passion for the main couple, which ends with some nice love scenes,

Kate is a doctor who specializes with burn victims. She first meets Patrick for a split second when his six month old son is admitted to for horrible burns from a car crash that also killed his mother. Four years later, Jack is thriving and is a very happy little boy, but still needs surgery and physical therapy, especially with his hand. Kate doesn't want to overstep her bounds and become emotionally attached to Patrick or Jack, but Patrick is attracted to her, and Jack is comfortable around her. Soon Kate is going out of her way to help Jack more than she should. Patrick wants to date Kate, but Kate has put up walls. Her father left her mother, and her former lover dropped her because of her background and dedication to her job. She also thinks Patrick is still pining for his dead wife. But Patrick is obstinate and wants Kate.

The Passion of Patrick MacNeill is a solid romance. We have a heroine who doesn't need a man to define who she is. Kate loves helping people and lives and breathes her work. When Patrick and Jack enter her life, she's knocked for a loop. She can't help but become emotionally involved with the father and son. Patrick wants Kate, but on his own terms, keeping some emotional walls up between them. But he folds first and tries to show Kate how good it could be between them. He respects her work ethic and understands her long hours.

I also liked how both were honest about their sexual past. Patrick has only been one woman, his wife, and even after she died, he was still dedicated to her memory. He's waited nine years for Kate, who also has been with only one person. The love scenes between these two are well written, and very sexy.

This is one romance I would recommend as a lovely contemporary romance with some great messages underneath the overall love story.