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Review: Thrown By a Curve

Thrown by a Curve - Jaci Burton

Garrett is a hot shot pitcher in professional baseball who might not play again because of his bad shoulder in his pitching arm. He comes across as this egotistical baby who doesn't want to do physical therapy until Alicia, a therapist tells him he needs to shut up and do the therapy or his arm will never get better and he'll never pitch again. Since Alicia doesn't baby him, and he also thinks she's cute, he'll allow her to whip him into shape. Alicia thinks she can keep things professional between them, but she is very attracted to the sexy pitcher who enjoys flirting with her. Eventually they become friends, but Garrett wants something more intimate with Alicia. Since Garrett is really a nice guy and not the jerk Alicia first found him to be, she can't help but fall for him and throws caution to the wind and decides to have a steamy love affair with Garrett, knowing it will come to an end. Alicia isn't as trusting and open as Garrett is, and Garrett wants to keep Alicia in his life because she's become as important to him as playing baseball.

Thrown by a Curve is a solid sports romance with the typical love scenes you would find in Jaci's books. I did like how Garrett and Alicia got to know one another first and didn't jump into bed right away. They have a nice type of friendship that remains even when they become lovers. The dialogue and interactions, especially with couples from the past books in this series, and the secondary characters introduced round out the story in a nice way.