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Review: Limelight

Limelight - Krista D. Ball

Anna is a successful author from Canada who has come to stay in England for a working vacation of sorts because one of her books was made into a movie, and it’s filming there. Anna isn’t a big people person and has panic attacks in large crowds. She doesn’t make friends easily but it looks like England may be a nice change for her. She makes friends with some of the actors in the movie. Ben, one of the actors in the movie, is a big deal and has obsessed fan girls. Anna has a small crush on him, like most women, but she keeps her distance from him because he’s Hollywood and she’s basically a boring hermit. She meets Ben under very embarrassing circumstances. Someone has drugged her drink at the movie’s after party. Ben comes to her rescue. The next morning she is mortified, but Ben and the other actors who watched out for Anna are very nice. (for some reason the drugging of her drink was dropped and never brought up again). Ben is a big fan of her books and thinks Anna is sweet, although he thinks they won’t have anything in common, but they could be friends for the short time she’s in England.


Anna and Ben become very close over the next few weeks. He loves hanging out with her at her rented apartment just watching movies or cooking. They develop a very nice friendship that is borderline girlfriend and boyfriend. Ben begins to have stronger feelings for Anna, and she for him. But both are stubborn and won’t take the next steps to become lovers. Anna is afraid she’ll be attacked by Ben’s fangirls, who are very loud and outspoken about who Ben should date and be seen with. But Ben helps Anna become more comfortable in her skin and makes her go out in public more. Then he invites her to his sister’s wedding, and that’s when things really change for both of them. But can Anna deal with Ben’s celebrity status when she starts to get death threats from his crazed fans, as well as their mean and rude opinions about Anna and her looks? Will Anna move to England to be with Ben, giving up her life in Canada?


Limelight by K. Ball was an entertaining read. Ben is very sweet and not at all egotistical when it comes to his status as a Hollywood leading man. The way he treats Anna is lovely. Anna is the one I had issues with. She’s from Canada but sounds too British and exactly like the rest of her counterparts. She also has deep emotional and self esteem issues that after a while become tedious because they’re always front and center. Eventually she takes dancing lessons because of a dare with Ben to get him to quit smoking. I thought that was a nice touch, but Anna was constantly worrying about having a panic attack or not being good enough to be with Ben. Things went a little overboard when Ben and Anna go to the theater, and a mob of a thousand women are waiting outside for Ben. They swarm him and Anna, in order to get to him, and Anna is almost trampled. That seems too much, especially since Ben isn’t really this global sensation.


There’s also a side plot about Anna standing up for herself in regards to her agent of ten years, and the publisher who constantly white washes her covers. It was interesting to see more about Anna’s job, rather than Ben’s.


The sensually factor is more PG-13-ish and a good tone for both adult and teen readers. Anna and Ben start things rolling as they become intimate, but the middle and end of their love making is left to the reader’s imagination.


Limelight should appeal to fans who like an opposites attract trope regarding the main couple. Most will connect with Ben, who is a sweetheart, while Anna plays second fiddle to him. The outcome of their romance has a very typical HEA.