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Review: An Indecent Proposal

An Indecent Proposal - J.C. Reed, Jackie Steele

The reason I picked this up was because of the blurb. Big mistake on my end. This book makes no sense. The plot and overall story is confusing. The only redeeming part is Chase, an amazing hero. He's the reason I'm giving it more than 1 star. Chase is so put of place in what I guess it supposed to be a more darker type of romance. Laurie's portrayal here is the big problem. She's trying to find a job, and can't, even though she comes from money. It appears her step-father is a nasty man, who may or may have not abused Laurie in some way. We don't know because the author uses a fail whale of a device in having Laurie constantly tell the reader and Chase, she just can't explain the why's of her past or give the facts out. We do know her mother is dead, and may have been mentally unstable, or her step-father made her so. It's all so vague for no reason whatsoever.

Chase enters the picture because Laurie needs a pretend fiance. He's an actor, or so we're led to believe, which is the only thing we know is not really true. Chase is very interested in being Laurie's pretend whatever, for reasons the reader can figure out right away based on the short prologue "The Guy" before the events of An Indecent Proposal begins. Whereas Chase is everything incredible, Laurie isn't. She's has no real personality and comes across as a wet dishrag. Her motivations don't really make sense because the reader isn't privy to why she has to do certain things. She wants her independence but is stuck because her step-father holds something over her head.

This is the start of a serial, but because of the convoluted plot and of Laurie, I'm not invested in continuing to the next installment.

A pass.