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Review: Sneaking Candy

Sneaking Candy - Lisa Burstein

The premise of the novel is what caught my eye, but about 30 pages in, I just couldn't connect with the heroine and her silly issues. Candice is very indecisive. She has a small crush on her professor, who acts condescending and much older than his age one moment, but then he acts much younger and immature in a blink of an eye. I couldn't get a handle on who he was and why he acted the way he did. Then there is James, the cafe barista Candice lusts for. This comes out of the blue. James is portrayed as an okay guy, but he's not too dimensional. His personality is lacking, mainly because Candice sees him as as sex object. She fantasizes having sex with him, but can't connect with him on any emotional level, such as go on dates with him because of her stressed out professional life. She hides the fact she writes and self published erotic romance under the name Candy. She's overwhelmed by that big secret, her love/lust/hate relationship with her professor, and then James, who is added into the mix. I think things would have been much better if the story stuck with Candice and her attraction to her professor, including how she deals with his innuendos and her top secret writing life.

Sneaking Candy is a mix of New Adult/Romance/Women's Fiction/Chick-Lit, and itt doesn't mesh well together. I couldn't connect with the plot and Candice's motivations. There's really not much of a plot to speak of, and even Candice's almost love triangle between James and her professor doesn't bring anything strong on the pages. The lack of chemistry between her and James is very weak. The characterization of these characters are dull and not that exciting. Even Candice's roommate who has a peppy personality (and is obsessed with Candice getting laid) becomes quickly annoying.

Sneaking Candy fails on the overall deliver, and is a pretty forgettable novel. A pass.