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Review: For Keeps

For Keeps - Rachel Lacey

If you love a story with a heroine who saves dogs, For Keeps by Rachel Lacey is for you (A cover that has a dog or cat on it, is an automatic read for me). Merry is a very special heroine indeed. She’s a nurse who also runs a volunteer dog shelter. She fosters dogs so they can be adopted. She spends all her time, resources and money to make sure rejected dogs are adopted. When her rich, anonymous donor stops sending money, Merry is backed into a corner. Without the funds she needs, her dog shelter might go belly up.


TJ runs an farm and horse stable. He also has a summer camp for kids with disabilities, mainly because of his autistic nephew. TJ has a fear of dogs in general because he was attacked by some when he was younger. When he meets Merry, he’s interested in her, and finds what she does admirable, but refuses to allow any dogs on his property. But when he sees how much his nephew brightens up and communicates well with one of Merry’s dogs, he invites her to work a few months at his camp, allowing the kids to help train the dogs Merry’s is fostering.


Merry doesn’t understand what TJ’s deal is with disliking dogs, but she needs the money he’s offering her to work at his camp. She accepts, and begins to see a different side to TJ. He wants to date Merry, but she feels they don’t have enough in common to have a stable relationship, even though they are very attracted to one another.


For Keeps is a very solid romance, although TJ isn’t as likeable as Merry. At times he was too rude and condescending to Merry, who has a heart of gold, but doesn’t enter Mary Sue territory. I expected her to walk away from him, even after the great sex they have. But by the end I did believe they worked through their difference for their HEA.


You can’t go wrong with a romance featuring cute dogs and a heroine who loves them.