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Review: Hearts of Fire

Hearts of Fire - L.H. Cosway

Babies! I want to have babies with his book. Ladies, you will drool over Jack, want to run away to the circus and play with matches and hot wax.

L.H. Cosway is an author I can always count on to deliver quality work. Her books are some of the most unique Contemporary Romances currently published. Whenever I hear a new L.H. Cosway book is being released, I get butterflies in my stomach because I’m so excited. I can’t remember the last time I felt that way about an author. If you haven’t read L.H. Cosway, you’re losing out big time. L.H.’s skill as a writer is masterful. She is everything wonderful that the romance genre has to offer. Her latest offering is spectacular. Hearts of Fire is connected to Six of Hearts It can be a standalone read, but I urge you to read Six of Hearts, which featured, Jay Fields, illusionist extraordinaire. Hears of Fire is Jay’s brother’s story. Jack McCabe is a fire-breather, knife-thrower and risk-taker of the traveling Circus Spektakular in Europe. Jay and Jack lost everything when they were young boys. Their house was set on fire and their parents killed in it. Jay went to live with his abusive uncle in the United States, thinking Jack was also dead. Jack was put in foster care and then lived on the streets. He was led to believe by his uncle that Jay didn’t care about him. Jack lives a nomad’s life, and the circus suits him perfectly. He’s brooding, silent, but very handsome and sexy. He’s addicted to fire and heat, which makes his performance awe-inspiring. But Jack has secrets. He won’t allow anyone to get close to him, which changes when twenty-year-old Lille runs away to join the circus and enters Jack’s life even though he tries to push her away. But Lille breaks through his defenses, and she slowly becomes as important to him as the fire he breathes.

Lille is suffocating. Her overbearing mother rules over her with an iron fist. Lille is a dreamer and longs for adventure. She loves painting and drawing, but her mother crushes her dreams. When the owner of The Circus Spektakulär offers Lille a job, Lille leaves all she knows behind and joins it. At first Jack rubs her the wrong way. He thinks she’s weak and too fragile for the lifestyle he’s accustomed to. But Lille will prove him wrong. She takes one day at a time, enjoying her new work as a face painter, even though some aren’t welcoming to her like Jack is. But Lille won’t return home a failure. She is extremely optimistic, and because of that, Jack slowly lets her into his inner sanctum. He begins to care for her, and they establish a trust. Their trust go beyond friendship. Jack wants Lille to be his lover, but he has a fetish, a kink, he enjoys doing while having sex. It involves fire and the heat that made him who he is. Lille accepts Jack’s fetish which in turn endears her to him.

Hearts of Fire feels like a fantasy novel. The circus scenes are exceptional, and as a reader you feels like you’re right in the thick of it. At first you think Lille is a stereotypical Mary Sue type heroine. But L.H. has a nice twist where Lille is concerned. She’s very strong and open, but not so naïve and innocent as she is first introduced. Jack is more of an enigma. He’s very intense, and every time he appears on page, he’s a blaze of glory. He oozes such sexiness, but also has this protectiveness when it comes to Lille, especially when they become lovers. The man knows how to use hot wax and special rings that when warmed, can bring pleasure to their partner. His matches are an aphrodisiac to Lille.

There is a subplot about a rapist attacking the female circus performers. The way the perpetrator is found is a little cheesy, and you may have to suspend your disbelief. But it allows Jack and Lille to move forward with one another and show how they’re soul mates. The secondary characters are also have rich personalities, especially Lille’s roommates who welcome her with open arms.

Hearts of Fire is an early contender for one of my favorite books of 2015. I wanted to run away to the circus like Lille and meet a man like Jack, who is the perfect example of what a book boyfriend should entail. This is another masterpiece by L.H. Cosway, and a not to be missed novel.