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Review: Rock Hard

Rock Hard - Nalini Singh

Nalini Singh continues to astound me with her writing. Rock Hard is a must read. Gabriel, aka T-Rex is my favorite book boyfriend of 2015 so far. Gabriel is an alpha in a suit, but he knows when to tone it down all for the love of his heroine, Charlotte who develops an incredible back bone and a will to live her life on her own terms after a horrible torture and rape at the hands of a psychotic ex-boyfriend who has destroyed her self-esteem.


Charlotte first appeared as the best friend to Molly, the heroine in Rock Addiction, the first book in this series. Charlotte is introduced as a timid and fragile woman because of an unspeakable trauma in her past. We get some insights on her career and her new boss she has nicknamed T-Rex, who drives her crazy, but who she's also attracted to. T-Rex is Gabriel Bishop a former professional rugby player turned millionaire who is brought in to fix failing businesses. He takes over the company where Charlotte works. They first meet when she throws a stapler at his head while she is alone at the office. From that introduction, Gabriel can't stop thinking of Charlotte, even though he thinks she's a mouse. But she's great at her job and he hires her as his personal assistant. Charlotte stands up to him and doesn't sugarcoat things to make him happy. Gabriel is gruff, surly and likes to tease her. She makes sure Gabriel eats and takes breaks because he's so addicted to working. Gabriel wants to help Charlotte loosen up. Soon she is able to relax with Gabriel, even though men make her cautious. And then Gabriel decides he wants Charlotte on a more personal level, an intimate relationship. This frightens Charlotte, but she's intrigued. She'll give Gabriel a chance. He takes baby steps with her, a type of courtship readers will swoon over. The build up of their passion is perfect for the tone of the novel that highlights Charlotte's personal issues with intimacy and trust with a man like Gabriel.


Rock Hard has so many great things going on. The importance of family and friends is key here. We see that with Gabriel and his brothers and mother and stepfather. He slowly integrates Charlotte in his personal life, and with his family, so she feels more comfortable with him outside of work. He gains her trust to the point where she lets him kiss her and touch her in passion. She also opens up about her past and the horrors she endured with her psychotic ex-boyfriend, now in jail, who she felt has ruined her as a woman. You may find yourself in tears during the scene when Charlotte tells Gabriel about her torture. It's hard to read and very honest. The way Gabriel treats Charlotte is very gentlemanly, but there's a wolf hiding underneath his suits. He wants to claim Charlotte as his woman and break free his beast. Charlotte wants his beast, knowing he would never hurt her. Watching these two fall in love, and then make love is beautiful, tender and very steamy.


Other then one small thing toward the end I found a little off because it puts to rest Charlotte's past in a way I felt wasn't as daring and on the edge of my seat as I would like, I found Rock Hard to be as close to perfect as you can get with a Contemporary Romance.


Nalini has a winner here. A must read romance that will make your heart pitter-patter in all the right ways.


Now where can I find my own T-Rex (and I don't meant the ones in dino monster porn erotica)?