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Review: The Out of Office Girl

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The Out of Office Girl - Nicola Doherty

The Out of Office Girl by Nicola Doherty is a sweet Chick-Lit in the vein of Bridget Jones but mainly takes place in Italy. Alice isn't in Italy for vacation. She's a publishing assistant, who hopes one day to be an head editor at the publishing company she has worked at for four years. Her boss is a nightmare, but Alice remains silent, hoping she'll get a promotion. The publishing company is hoping for a big hit with the tell all biography of superstar actor, Luther. But he's dragging his feet with his ghostwriter in an Italian villa on the company's dime. When Alice's boss has emergency surgery, Alice flies out to work with Luther, who she has always had a celebrity crush on.


Things for Alice go bad from the moment she arrives in Italy. Her luggage is lost, she finds out she forget to put a big clause in Luther's contract that could ruin the entire book, and Luther's agent Sam is rude and cold to her. He doesn't want Luther to write the tell all and thinks Alice will manipulate Luther to spill all his secrets. Also Luther's sexy co-star hates Alice on sight and puts her down every chance she can get. Luther is nice to her, but comes across as lazy and entitled. But then she has a breakthrough with him and he's spilling all his secrets to her to Sam's dismay. Alice has so much stress to deal with and the fear that she may lose her job. Sam acts hot and cold with her, which confuses her because she is attracted to him, but he still acts like a jerk most of the time, even though he has moments where he can be sweet and tries to make her laugh.


The Out of Office Girl doesn't have a lot of grand gestures or shocks. It's a very character driven novel where the reader is placed in Alice's shoes. She puts up with so much crap from these entitled Hollywood and publishing types who seem to take advantage of her. Alice's backbone isn't strong enough to tell these people to shove it, although her inner monologues and thoughts are funny to read. You do sympathize with her and want her to come out the winner.


There's too much miscommunication on the part of Alice and Sam that didn't make sense to me, especially when it comes to a specific section that really changes their relationship. It looks like it was done to keep up the drama and make Alice suffer more, which was really unneeded. The ending makes up for it though.


Those who enjoy chick-lit with romance, set in a place like Italy, which was really well written, should check out The Out of Office Girl.