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Review: This Much Space

This Much Space (Twelve Beats In A Bar, Book #2) - K.K. Hendin

This Much Space (Twelve Beats in a Bar #2) by K.K. Hendin has a lot to recommend for it. The heroine, Liv is like a breath a fresh air. She is really amazing with her outlook on life. She doesn’t fit into any mold based on her personality, including her looks. She’s fat and knows it. As to how fat, we’re really not told, but she has an abundance of curves. Liv loves fashion and creating clothes, but she works for a witch of a woman at a high end clothing store who keeps Liv in the back because of her weight and attitude. But Liv takes it all in stride. She has a great circle of friends who all love and support one another.


Thierry plays college baseball. He’s more of a pessimist about life. He comes from a big family and he’s bi-racial- Brazilian and Japanese. He’s bored with baseball and college in general. He can’t stand his roommate who is the ultimate manwhore, who at a frat party insults Liv, who stands up for herself. Thierry notices, and is in awe of Liv. He then realizes they have some classes together. He wants to be around her and soak up her energy and light. The quickly become friends, which becomes something more. But then the unthinkable happens to Thierry. His father is laid off from his job, which means Thierry might not be able to stay in school, even with his sports scholarship. Plus a deadly urge he has comes back full force, which consumes him. He falls into a dark depression and only wants to do this urge day and night. All hope might be lost for Thierry, but Liv won’t let him turn to that darkness and will help him live again.


This Much Space is not your typical New Adult set in college novel. Liv makes this book shine. She may just be my favorite heroine of 2015 so far. Thierry is more in the shadows and not as interesting. His personality dims in comparison when it comes to Liv. Also everything moves way too fast between these two. It feels like everything happens in a week, from beginning to end. Also  there was some confusion on my part as I read. I had to re-read certain scenes because I couldn’t figure out who was talking or who was doing certain actions. This is an editing issue that I wished could be fixed.


The sensuality factor is very PG-13. There is kissing and “making out”, but any sex is fade to black. Also the college setting is done very well.


This Much Space had it’s moment of greatness, specifically with Liv who I would love to hang out with, but Thierry’s depression that seems to come out of left field, and the speed of things left me a little disappointed overall. The reason to pick this one up is because of the outstanding heroine K.K. has created.