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Review: Midnight

Midnight (McKenna Chronicles) - Elizabeth Miller

I thought Midnight (McKenna Chronicles #1) by Elizabeth Miller would be a sexy political romance between the hero, a Republican Senator running for President of the US, and a more liberal thinking journalist, who initially knocks heads with the Senator, but then falls for him in a blink of an eye. The first few chapters grab you. Colin is very engaging and appealing when he first appears on the page. Charlie is very spunky and speaks her mind. She doesn’t understand why she was chosen to follow Colin because she doesn’t have a background in politics. That’s one mystery that continues until the end. The problem is the insta-lust between the two is too fast and comes on too strong, which leads to eye rolling love scenes. Colin can’t have an emotional connection with Charlie because he believes he’s not a good person, and is still mourning his dead wife. But he doesn’t have a problem with connecting with her on a physical level when they start having sex. He begins to call her “baby”, and Charlie’s magic hoo-haa makes him feel reborn.


I wouldn’t have a problem with Colin and Charlie engaging in such an affair, but there’s no buildup. It happens so fast that it’s just not believable. Perhaps if these two spent more time together, leading up to his presidential nomination, then I could get behind it, but it fails because the sexual tension is not fleshed out enough. More than half of the story is Colin and Charlie in bed together. All the other characters are one-dimensional, including Colin’s sister-in-law who is just a witch for no real reason other than to cause tension. All political mentions or scenes were pushed to the side so Colin and Charlie could have one big boink fest. It appears the author did the very minimal research for the political atmosphere just to grab readers who may be okay with it under the “just because” reason. Their chemistry wasn’t enough to carry the plot. If Colin and Charlie went their separate ways, I would have been fine with it.


The ending is a cliffhanger. The reason Colin wanted Charlie on his campaign trail is something straight out of a soap opera, and not a good soap opera at that.

Midnight had a good sounding premise but fails in so many ways, especially on the delivery and purple prose love scenes that feel forced.