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Review: Covering Home

Covering Home - Heidi McCahan

Fans of Sports Romance or Baseball will want to read this one! Covering Home by Heidi McCahan is perfect for teens and adults as two people come together under the most interesting of circumstances. The plot and dialogue is enjoyable, and I loved the setting in Japan and the culture there. Also the way baseball is shown there was well done.


Caleb was a big hotshot pitcher for MLB in America. His life and career spun out of control when his actress fiance dies from a car accident he was blamed for. He also had an arm injury that sidelined his career. To lick his wounds, and to get away from the US press, he goes to play professional baseball in Japan. All he wants to do is play ball and stay under the radar from pesky journalists. What he doesn’t count on is Britt, who comes to Japan to cover baseball and impress the network she works for, and not just because of her father who many think she got her job because of nepotism.


Britt wants the one on one scoop with Caleb, but he hides from her. When she’s not trying to get a quote from him, they get along very well. Caleb’s twin brother, Ben is there to support Caleb and pretends to be Caleb when they’re out in public so the fans don’t accost Caleb. Ben thinks Britt would be good for Caleb. Britt isn’t as pushy and annoying as Caleb first thought, and soon they’re hanging out, and become friends, which in turns becomes more. Caleb wants to date Britt, but Britt has her reputation to think of. She can’t date Caleb because he’s a player, although the media is right there to take pictures of them and twist it in a way that Caleb and Britt are having a romance. Caleb doesn’t see what the big deal is. Britt is more realistic. How can they make it work out between them when she is only in Japan for a short time? And even if Caleb comes back to the US, he lives too many miles away. Plus that conflict of interest is still there. Caleb still carries the guilt of his fiance’s death and the issue of her parents who made Caleb hide the facts of what really happened that night of the car accident. Can Britt help Caleb get over his hurt and guilt so he can move on?


Covering Home is a very enjoyable romance. The sensuality factor is very subtle. Caleb and Britt don’t do much more than kissing, but it hits the spot. These two have great chemistry together. Britt is exactly what Caleb needs, and the author makes a great show of it. The writing and characters are very engaging. The beginning is more on the light and fluffy side but then becomes a bit more darker as Caleb confronts his past and the issue of his injury that could end his career forever. Britt also has to deal with her father and sister, both who make snide remarks about her. The outcome of Britt and her family is very poignant and emotional, as well as how she and Caleb try to make it work. The ending is a near perfect HEA.


Covering Home gets a home run from me!