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Review: Save the Date

Save the Date - Jenny B. Jones

Fans of cute and sweet romance will want to read Save the Date by Jenny B. Jones. Jenny has a wonderful storytelling voice, and her characters of Alex and Lucy are great together. This is an inspirational romance, but the faith-based tone is very subtle. The characters go to church but aren’t too preachy but have morals they live by. At times it feels more like a Chick-lit romance. The tone is great for teens (kisses are many here but not much else), and adult readers who like a romance that has the courtship factor with nice slow burn of a romance, will get a kick out of this one.


Poor Lucy has given up so much to keep a house running for runaway teen girls or girls lost in the foster care system. She comes from a poor family since her single mother worked low paying jobs, and her father died before Lucy was born (or so her mother told her). The funding for her housing has been cut, and that means the girls she cares for will be thrown out. She’s willing to beg and plead, even if it means sucking up to the rich families in her community who always turn their noses down on someone like Lucy. She comes in contact with Alex, a former football star from a very prestigious family. He wants to run for a government position, but has a reputation as a ladies’ man because of the tabloids. He’s willing to help Lucy but she has to accept his proposition. He’ll save her house if she pretends to date him and then becomes his fiance. The entire relationship is fake and a sham but Lucy agrees to sacrifice her life for then next 6 months until Alex wins his bid.


Alex love to flirt with Lucy, seeing something special in her, even though she’s not his typical type of woman. Lucy can be clumsy, stubborn and dances to her own tune. That’s what makes Lucy so lovable to Alex. He is very attracted to her generous nature and wants to soak it up for himself because he feels he’s a bit selfish because of everything that has been offered to him. Lucy thinks Alex is just using her to get ahead, although he acts like they are really together. And then Lucy finds out who her father really is. The causes her life to tailspin out of control even more, but Alex is there to help her, including her grandmother she never knew who wants to make Lucy and Alex a real thing.

Save the Date is the type of book that will have you in stitches and keep you smiling. Lucy is such an endearing heroine, and Alex is really a prince of a man. The best scenes are when Alex gets Lucy all flustered, which usually ends with him kissing her speechless. You root for these two to fall in love and make their relationship a reality because they mesh so well together. The way they fall in love is very believable. Both become better people for being with one another.


Save the Date is a feel good book that will wrap you up in a warm hug.