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Review: Five Days Until You

Five Days Until You (One Week Girlfriend Book 5) - Monica Murphy

Fans of the One Week Girlfriend series will love this one! We see Owen and Chelsea together (which will be forever and ever), and the continuation of their HEA, which is near perfect. Owen is so over the moon for Chelsea, who he constantly calls "my girl" in his head. Chelsea loves the stability and passion Owen gives her.
Owen is one passionate guy when it comes to his Chelsea, and quite the dirty talker who can't keep his hands off of her. He's also a big snuggler!

Their relationship is tested when she's given a great opportunity to complete her graduate program (she has post-poned) for 2 months at an out of state college. But the downside is being hours away from Owen. He let's Chelsea go, but promises to visit her every weekend. But when he's given his own opportunity of a lifetime, to possibly get his shot at the NFL, he has to work hard and stay put. This puts a strain on their relationship and they both worry that because of the distance, it may break them apart. Owen is very concerned about losing Chelsea, while Chelsea ponders about a future where she focuses solely on her career and let's Own go to live out his own dreams.

Some may say this is more of a filler book, but it really hits the sweet spot. I wish it was longer because Monica has such a way of creating a better HEA on top of the original HEA for this couple. Also there is another short story after Five Days Until You ends that takes place at Christmas. We get more Drew and Fable marshmallow love goodness, including the next chapter for Owen and Chelsea that will bring many smiles.

Five Days Until You has very little angst and drama, but it's still grabs you hard as you read. You won't be bored.

If Fable and Drew have marshmallow love, Owen and Chelsea have a cotton candy one. Mega uber-sweeteness on these pages.