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Review: Redemption Falls

Redemption Falls: A Littleton Novel - Kate Hewitt

Redemption Falls by Kate Hewitt is all about redemption and forgiveness. The redemption factor deals with the main couple. Linnea has returned to her hometown after 12 years after being a nomad. She was a former townie who ended up pregnant at 16 by a college frat boy. Even though her mother was very supportive and not judgmental, Linnea ran away from everything, including her two year old daughter. Linnea’s mother asks her to return, and Linnea does, hoping to get to know her daughter Ambler (Such a strange name), who thinks Linnea is her wayward older sister she doesn’t know. Things are very strained between Linnea, her mother and Ambler.


Linnea has a chip on her shoulder, which makes her less than ideal to be around. She is near broke and lives in small cabin, working a store that caters to tourists. There she meets Rob, the new president of the local college. He’s 38, a widower and reminds Linnea of the college boy who got her pregnant. She is rude and not at all friendly to Rob at first. Rob doesn’t understand why Linnea is the way she is, but something about her interests him. He grew up right outside Littleton, and his mother still lives there, and in the same house. Rob has demons chasing him also because of his dead wife who was very sick and died. He can’t forgive himself for the way he reacted to her sickness and death. He’s trying to move on even though he has a lot of guilt.


Linnea and Rob have more in comment then they think. They feel like outsiders and have pasts they’re not too proud about. Rob goes out of his way to be friends for Linnea, which as first she is suspicious of, but eventually she let’s Rob in. They become friends around the same time Ambler starts to warm up to Linnea, as well as Linnea making some friends in the community. Slowly she and Rob test their attraction and make some strides into accepted a relationship beyond friendship. But then tragedy strikes Linnea’s mother. Now Linnea has some very tough decisions not only about herself but of Ambler who is still in the dark about Linnea. Rob is there to support Linnea, but she is scared of accepting his help and his love.


Redemption Falls is a more subtle type of romance. This reads more like Women’s Fiction. It may take you a while to warm up to Linnea who is very snappish and angry. Rob is a sweetheart who sees how emotionally damaged Linnea is (he has some great insights) and wants to help heal her. Linnea and Rob’s relationship takes a while to get off the ground and you may find yourself speed reading through some scenes, but if you don’t mind a slow pace with the main couple coming together, you’ll enjoy Redemption Falls. The love scenes are not explosive or too descriptive for those who want something more subtle, sensuality wise with their romance.


Redemption Falls has a small town vibe, which I liked. Overall, a solid romance with dimensional characters you’ll care about.