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Review: Endless Nights

Endless Nights (Vegas Nights) - Karen Erickson

Karen Erickson writes the best one night stands that become permanent between the main couple. Endless Nights (Vegas Nights #2) is a hot little novella I wish was longer because I had a blast reading it. The first book was about a nurse finding her HEA with a big time actor. This installment is about another nurse finding love with a big time football player.

Andrea came to Las Vegas with her two girl friends from some R&R. She ends up at a VIP party and meets Luke, a player for the Seahawks (yes, the football team). As soon as they meet, they have an instantaneous attraction and get hot and heavy very fast. Luke invites Andrea to his hotel suite where they have the hottest night of sex, and carries on for the next 48 hours. These two are on fire for one another. The sheets practically disintegrate when Andrea and Luke roll on them, including the windows steaming up when Luke gives Andrea some loving against one.

Andrea thinks her Vegas fling with Luke will end once she returns home. But Luke doesn't want that. Even though they live in different states, he wants a relationship with her. Andrea has to decide if she wants the same.

Endless Nights is a near perfect romance novella. Andrea and Luke's chemistry is off the charts. They connect so well, even within minutes of meeting one another. Toward the end there is some unneeded drama I wasn't really gung ho about. Also the HEA is so quick and everything seems to come to a halt. A very abrupt ending. I think the story would have really shined if we have a few more chapters to tighten everything up.

Even with my issue with the ending, Endless Night is a hot little read that any romance reader should try.