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Review: Double Dare

Double Dare - R.L. Mathewson

Very wacky and over the top actions and dialogue Mathewson fans will most likely enjoy, but very convoluted writing with scenes that seem to be thrown together and don't make any real sense. It feels like some scenes that needed to be here went missing. I had a hard time concentrating and understanding what was going on. The chemistry and connection between Darrin and Marybeth isn't really explained in an adequate way. Also the time line jumps around and doesn't segue well into the next scene. This reads more like someone's rambling thoughts and a first draft. It really shouldn't have been published as is.

Darrin and Marybeth's romance had promise but it didn't seem to serve any real purpose. I feel as if each book now is a rehash of the last, with the same exact type of hero and heroine in terms of personality and deja vu dialogue.

Mathewson really needs to tone down the slapstick comedy and circus type plot, as well as find better content editors because each book continues toward a downward spiral. Just because an author may sell well, is no excuse to publish such shoddy work.

This one gets a 1.5 star, and that is being generous. I count this as my breakup with the author and this series.