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Review: Start Me Up

Start Me Up - Nicole Michaels

Start Me Up (Hearts and Crafts #1) by Nicole Michaels is exactly what I enjoy in a contemporary romance. The main couple is adorable sexy, and the plot held my interest until the very end. Anne and Mike have great chemistry right from the start, although they seem to come from different worlds. But they mesh so well together, and actually go through a nice type of courtship before jumping in to bed together. Their romance is really great, and Nicole can sure write some steamy love scenes, including one scene before Anne and Mike get to the main event, where he does some under the skirt action to Anne with his hand at a public event that was sexy and perfect because Mike is quite the giver! I love giving heroes! Mike is now one of my favorite book boyfriends of 2015.


Anne is a divorced mother of a six-year-old, Claire. She’s a party planner who runs a successful blog, which is better known as a mommy blog. She has a close group of friends who also help her with her parties and such. She meets “Uncle Mike” (Claire calls him that throughout the book) when she answers the door to invite her daughter Claire’s friend in. Uncle Mike is a mechanic in town. He’s all about fixing cars, getting his hands dirty and drinking beer. His niece is good friends with Claire. He’s doing his sister a favor by dropping her off at the birthday party. The moment Anne answers her door, Mike is smitten, even though Anne looks like Suzy Homemaker to him. She’s perfect in his eyes, from her hair, to her clothes, and her decorations (although there is an abundance of pink). Mike decides to stay instead of leaving like he had planned.


Mike oozed hotness for Anne. She finds the younger man (there’s only a 5 year age difference between them) very attractive, and gets her motor running in a way her ex-husband never could. But she knows she and Mike are total opposites and it would never work out between them. But both can’t stop thinking about one another, and go out of their way to see one another. Anne tempts Mike with baked goods to see him again. Her recommends her incredible party planning skills to a client of his. Their friends and family think Anne and Mike would be perfect together, so they give each other a shot. Mike romances Anne, and he’s not afraid to share his feelings and personal life with her. But Anne holds back about herself, especially the popularity of her blog, because her blog and career was one of the reasons her marriage ended (or so she believes). Mike is falling fast for Anne and wants her to be open and honest with him, proving he’s a good guy who loves her as she is because she’s his Miss Perfect.

Nicole has a hit with Start Me Up. I enjoyed everything about this book. The characters are very engaging and loveable(I can’t wait to read Anne’s friends’ stories). Things work so well because Anne and Mike get to know one another and build a connection, which becomes very passionate. No skimping on the love scenes here. Mike also loves Anne’s independence and how dedicated she is to her career. He treats her like his equal in every way. There was some unneeded drama toward the end with a woman Mike almost dated before he met Anne, but it’s resolved in a satisfactory manner. Also Anne feel she is too chubby and old for Mike, but states her ex-husband is hot and young, even though he’s the same age as her, which is in their early 30’s. Anne’s concern about being too old and a divorced mother, who has curves, was a little annoying. But Mike was there to prove her wrong.


For all your contemporary romance needs, Nicole Michael is the one to watch. This one gets my seal of approval.