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Review: Just One Kiss

Just One Kiss (Pure Amore: Sweet Romance, Pure Enjoyment) - Wendy Davy

Just One Kiss by Wendy Davy is a wholesome small town romance that reads more like women’s fiction than a romance, although the heroine and heroine spend a lot of page time together. There is an attraction for both, which has carried on since they were in high school. Just One Kiss is very PG (perhaps even G-rated), complete with a lovable dog that almost takes over the story.


Molly is a gardener/florist of sorts. She has spent most of her life in her small hometown, with the exception of college in California. The man she cared for there was a con artist and stole all her money (this happened while she was a college student, so I have to wonder how much money he stole from her. How much money can a college student really have saved? It’s never stated). Molly has made a name for herself in more ways than one, going back to high school when she kissed the star quarterback after a game in front of the whole town, on a dare. She always had a bad crush on Dustin, but he left town soon after she kissed him. We’re told the town blames Molly for Dustin leaving (which is told but never shown. The townspeople are very sweet, with the exception of a snobbish and most of the time crude suitor for Molly’s hand, who wants her because she’s a virgin, and he wants to be her first lover). Molly lives in the above the garage on the property owned by Dustin’s grandmother. She dies, and Molly may have to move because she was living there by verbal agreement and didn’t sign any paperwork. This worries her a lot, especially because Dustin arrives back in town with the intent to sell the property.


Dustin has made big money in New York City. He wasn’t told about his grandmother’s death until the funeral ended. His grandmother took him in after his parents died in a car crash. He was the big man in high school but always wanted more. He remembers Molly fondly, and never forgot about her wonderful kiss. She’s not thrilled by his return and the motivation why, but he’ll try to make her understand why he left right after high school graduation and why he can’t return and settle down like Molly did. He likes Molly and wants to date her, but can’t promise her anything permanent, which ends up breaking her heart all over again.


Just One Kiss is a very tame romance with not much drama or excitement. It’s a reunion story of sorts with Molly and Dustin, both of which are dedicated to their causes. Molly has very strong convictions, which Dustin finds endearing. She is also very set in her ways and refuses to give an inch where Dustin is concerned. She does a number of a guilt trip on Dustin, which was annoying at times. Dustin was also a pushover where Molly is concerned. He’s very middle of the road and wasn’t the type to give into any grand gestures, until the end, which is a fairy tale type of HEA. Some may find it trite because of the steps it took to get there.


If you like simple reads with a very tame, G-rated like romance, Just One Kiss might be for you.