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Review: Meant To Be

— feeling alien
Meant to Be (RightMatch.com Book 3) - Kathryn Shay

Meant to Be (Rightmatch.com #3) by Kathryn Shay has a cute premise, but as the story moves along, it gets boggles down with soap opera type drama that becomes very tedious by the end. The main couple are well rounded, and very personable, but the overall tension and the path to Cole and Beth’s HEA becomes a bit ridiculous.


Cole is a very sweet hero who is a single dad of an almost two-year-old girl. Her mother, who was studying to be a doctor, gave her up to Cole because of her career. Cole has a great job and a very supportive family. Cole has the complete package any woman would love. That woman is Beth. She’s in her mid 40’s, a widow with two adult children and runs a inn. For six months she’s been talking to Cole on a dating site he owns and runs. Cole has kept a few things secret from Beth. He lied to her, basically. He told her he’s in his 40’s, but he’s in his early 30’s, and failed to tell her he’s a single dad of a toddler. So when they finally meet, Beth thinks Cole is a single guy who has never been married or has children. Before he can tell her, their passions for one another overtakes them both, and they have sex. It’s the best weekend of Cole’s life and he’s falling head long in love with Beth, although he’s still lying to her, and she has very fond memories of her dead husband, her first love.


When Cole tells Beth his true age, but still not about his daughter, Beth flips out but forgives him. Then she finds out about his daughter, and she gets really mad, and dumps him. But since she can’t forget him, she takes him back and they’re all happy happy for awhile, even though Beth won’t get close to Cole’s daughter or hold her. But eventually she caves, and again they’re all ‘happy happy’. But then the soap opera drama starts- parents in the hospital and Cole’s ex-girlfriend comes back to claim their daughter for some reason just to bring more drama to the story. The way things are fixed for the HEA is too pat and eye rolling.


What could have been a great contemporary May/December romance with a great cast of characters, and the importance of family, ends up very flat with too many silly type drama moments that ends up ruining a really sweet romance between a nice main couple.