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Review: Summer on Lover's Island

Summer on Lovers' Island (A Jewell Cove Novel) - Donna Alward

Summer on Lovers’ Island (Jewell Cover #3) by Donna Alward is a combination of many genres from women’s fiction to small town contemporary romance. Donna writes a very character driven book. There’s not many grand gestures or over the top emotional actions from the main couple, but it really hits the spot. It’s a perfect type of summer read for the beach or at the lake while sunning away your stress.


Lizzie knows all about stress. She loves her job as an ER doctor, but so many things happened at once to push her off center. Her beloved physician father dies, her mother is has Alzheimer’s, and she’s guilty over a deadly mistake she made regarding a patient. Her boss, and ex-lover makes her take a leave of absence because she’s in need of a break. She heads off to Jewell Cove to lick her wounds. Her best friend, also a doctor is there, and about to have her first baby. Since she’s going on maternity leave, she asks Lizzie to take over at the clinic for the summer. Lizzie agrees but thinks she’ll be bored out of her mind. Josh is the other doctor at the clinic, and in the beginning he and Lizzie rub each other the wrong way. He thinks Lizzie is too buttoned up and remote. But eventually she thaws and they begin to respect one another. The town wants Josh to date and find another woman to build a life with. Josh was burned by love before. His wife always loved another man, Josh’s cousin. She lied to Josh, especially about starting a family, but before he could confront her, she died in combat in another country. He’s still bitter, but he’s slowly getting over his wife’s emotional deceit and lies. As he bonds with Lizzie, he sees she’s something special. Lizzie is attracted to Josh, but she’s not sticking around, so she can only offer a friends with benefits type of relationship with a deadline because as soon as she can, she going back home, and to the job she hopes she still has at the fast-paced hospital.


Jewel Cove is a very special place, and Josh wants to show how special it is so Lizzie will stay and help him heal from the past that broke his heart in two.


Summer on Lovers’ Island is a nice contemporary romance and a great main couple with Josh and Lizzie. Josh appeared in the first book in the series, and was very angry and harsh to those around him. He’s mellow out now and exactly what Lizzie needs. He takes her out on his boat, and they go treasure hunting on an island. They also make sweet, slowing burning love that steams up the pages. Donna writes some great love scenes, and the secondary cast is very engaging. Well worth the read.