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Review: Love in the Air

Love In The Air (Silhouette Desire, No. 351) - Nan Ryan

Love in the Air by Nan Ryan is an enjoyable, but dated category romance (almost 30 years old) featuring former lovers reunited as on-air personalities at the radio station where the heroine got her start, and then  fell for the hero. There is a big age difference between the two, almost 15 years, with the heroine being younger, but she acts much more mature for her age.


Kay Clark is one lucky woman to get a job on a radio station at nineteen, and with Sullivan Ward, the star of the station. Right from the start these two connect and become friends. From that, their chemistry grew, and one night Kay and Sullivan make love. Sullivan was Kay’s first. Kay then leaves, regardless of her feelings for Sully, to brighter pastures in Los Angeles, and a bigger radio market there. Sully is bitter Kay would leave him. Now she has returned five years later and back working with Sully who treats her coldly. But she thaws through his tough exterior. Sully is afraid of Kay deserting him again, but he can’t deny the passion he still has for Kay. The big question is whether Kay will stay with Sully, giving up the type of career that could make her a big radio star?


If you enjoy Harlequin category romances, you’ll like Love in the Air. It’s not mind blowing or has a big wow factor in regards to the romance, but it’s a solid romance if you’re looking to spend a few hours lost in the world of radio, and the behind the scene drama between two lovers reunited by fate.