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Review: The Definition of Icing

— feeling angel
The Definition of Icing: A Dallas Demons Hockey Romance (Dallas Demons Series) - Aven Ellis

The Definition of Icing by Aven Ellis is a cute contemporary romance about two people who have been burned by love before. Because they were hurt this way, they take things slowly and date. Most readers will find Nate, the hero, a too good to be true Prince Charming, but he’s really sweet with Kenley. He’s a great book boyfriend and isn’t your stereotypical hockey playing celebrity hero that has appeared in other romances of this sort. He’s a hero with a major sweet tooth and no ego!


Kenley runs her own company. She makes chocolate for events and parties. She’s studied her craft overseas, and is very smart, professional and dedicated. She’s also very beautiful, which she feels is a disadvantage because people, especially men only see her as this hot pinup, and not the smart business woman she has become. She’s ends up at a photo shoot to highlight her company, which at first goes badly because the photographer wants to sex her up. Nate, the new star for the Dallas Demon hockey team comes to her rescue. He really impresses Kenley and she asks him out. He shuts her down because he’s not ready to date. Kenley took a big chance in asking Nate because it’s been 2 years since she has been involved with someone. She tries to forget Nate, but fate intervenes, or rather her best friend and sister. She ends up meeting Nate again, and this time he apologies for blowing her off and asks her out. She accepts.


Nate really knows how to treat a woman. He wines and dines Kenley, impressed by her work with chocolate and her independence. He reveals why he wants to take things slowly- the woman he loved cheated on him. He still has trusts issues. Kenley tells Nate why she’s given up on love, but really likes him, so she’ll give him a chance. Soon they’re talking all the time, texting, chatting via a social media site they’re on, and just dating. Plus they have great make out sessions that doesn’t lead to the bedroom right away. Kenley is falling for Nate, but she doesn’t want to push him into a commitment or admit she may love him. Also her mother is very critical of Nate as a hockey player who she thinks will end up cheating on Kenley the moment he goes on the road, including Nate’s sister Holly who doesn’t want Nate hurt again. Kenley starts second guessing everything with Nate, who may want the same thing as Kenley, but unless he tells her, she’ll never know.


The Definition of Icing was a very enjoyable read. The first few chapters are very info-dumping about Kenley and are slow moving. There’s too much about Kenley’s chocolate career and how she got there. But once she and Nate start dating, the story really works. They have great chemistry together and cute interactions. The sensuality factor for the majority of the story is low-key until Nate and Kenley become more intimate. Even then the love scenes aren’t over descriptive, but fit with the overall tone of the novel.


Fans of sports romance with a heroine who has a very interesting job, and a gem of a hero, will want to check this one out.