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Review: True North

— feeling cool
True North - Liora Blake

Fans of rock star romances will enjoy True North (True #1) by Liora Blake, especially because the heroine is a widow who has become a best selling author. The hero is a punk rapper, which was somewhat different and strange, in a good way. You end up rooting for these two big time and their HEA, although the beginning takes some warming up to (or at least it did for me).


Kate comes from a very small town (think farm land, cows on the road, and not having to lock doors to houses). She’s a widow who’s still trying to get over the death of her beloved husband. She blames herself for his death since she was driving the car and crashed. She has a job as the local paper, which she finds dull. Even though her one book she wrote and published is a big best seller, it hasn’t changed her life all that much. But now things are moving along for her. Her agent has booked her on some talk shows on the West Coast. She goes along with her agent’s plan, and experiences the superstar type Hollywood lifestyle. The first talk show is where she meets Trax, a popular punk/rapper who has a big personality and knows how to work the audience. Kate isn’t that impressed with Trax because of his public persona. He’s very different from the norm. But when Trax calls her to ask her out on a date, she’s shocked. She thinks he’s pulling a fast one on her. But Trax, who’s real name is Trevor is very different in private. He’s polite, sweet and endearing. Plus he won’t give up until Kate gives him a chance.

Kate realizes she was wrong about Trevor. He has a good head on his shoulders, even though he grew up poor. But he’s very dedicated to his mother, sister and his niece (she calls him Uncle Panda). Kate has fun with Trevor, even though they’ll go their separate ways because Trevor is touring and a West coast type of guy, while she’s a mid-west small town girl. But Trevor doesn’t want to give Kate up. He’s even willing to try a long distant type of relationship if Kate is up for it. She gives it a shot, which leads to some great surprises for Kate, which also involves the possibility of falling in love with another great man.


True North is the type of romance that doesn’t have a lot of drama and tension. The biggest issue here is Trevor and Kate trying to make it work between them. Kate is a great heroine. She’s independent, headstrong and very mature. She’s had some hard knocks in her life, mainly with her husband’s death, but she carries on. Trevor is a great influence. At first he’s difficult to connect with. He acts a certain way, which doesn’t really impress at first. But then his personality changes for the better. It was a bit jarring for me because the first quarter of the novel I felt Trevor was too one-dimensional. It wasn’t until he and Kate became intimate and a solid couple that he grew one me. Trevor might be the draw for readers, but True North shines because of Kate.


The love scenes crackle with emotion, and there are some lighthearted moments that really work here. Even though True North is a romance, it had a feel of women’s fiction because of Kate’s insights and the drama that surrounds her.


Other than a rough reading start because I couldn’t get a handle on Trevor’s personality and actions, the author turned things around where I ended up enjoying True North by the end.