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Review: Hollywood Blackmail

— feeling kiss
Hollywood Blackmail (Seacliffe Medical #1) - Jackie Ashenden

Hollywood Blackmail (Seacliffe Medical #1) by Jackie Ashenden is a sexy fun read featuring the main couple, who were once teenage sweethearts, reconnecting in an unique and interesting way. Seven years ago Lizzie Kent, once known as Coco Dawn, daughter of a reality TV Porn Star disappeared, leaving behind her then boyfriend Ashford Hernadez, who was also one of the mother’s security guards. Lizzie lives in total anonymity, working as a nurse at a plastic surgery clinic in California, outside of Los Angeles. But then Ash walks back into her when he needs surgery on her face because of a scar left from a bar fight. Ash is now one of Hollywood’s biggest action movie stars (think of The Rock). He recognizes his Coco right away. This time he won’t let her out of his sight, and blackmails her into being his persona nurse for a week in order to find out why she left him without a word.


Hollywood Blackmail has a big West Coast vibe. You’re on the side of Ash, who is still smitten for Lizzie so many years later. His courtship skills aka his blackmail may seem underhanded and sneaky, but it’s all in good fun. Ash is a big old teddy bear, more beta than alpha, which readers should enjoy. Lizzie is a heroine we can understand. Her opinions and views on life are very realistic. The chemistry between these two is very well written.