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Review: Miss Match

— feeling kissed
Miss Match - Laurelin McGee

 Miss Match by Laurelin McGee aka Laurelin Paige is an adorable, sexy and precious read! I had a total blast reading this one by Laurelin, who writes incredible witty dialogue, as well as a great way to build up the sexual tension between the hero and heroine. This is a much read for contemporary romance readers, and may just be in my top picks for favorite books for 2015.


Andrea is in a big bind. She was fired from her job of 8 years, and after suing her former boss for sexual harassment, which she lost, she’s broke. She lives with her musician sister who’s strapped for cash also. Andrea doesn’t have a college degree and very little work experience even with the former job she had. She was hired because she has this sixth sense about people and whether they would be good employee. Her boss used that special skill of hers in a way that made her feel uncomfortable. She can’t use her boss as a recommendation or mention the job at all, which makes her job hunting horrible. But then her sister spots an interesting job opening. Some millionaire CEO who runs an IT company is looking for a matchmaker to help find him a wife. Andrea has her doubts, but she doesn’t have much of a choice. She goes on the job interview, and it’s as bad as she imagined.


Blake Donovan needs a wife because he has a 10 year plan. Now at 35 he’s at the end of his 10 year plan and needs a wife. He thinks a matchmaker can help him find the perfect woman for him- beautiful biddable, lives to serve him etc… He has very specific requirements he wants in a wife, which Andrea is shocked at. Blake comes across as a condescending, pretentious prig, who appears to have a low opinion of women in general. He insults Andrea by called her Drea, and refuses to call her by her nickname of Andy because he says it sounds too boyish. She’s upfront why she needs the job, and Blake is interested in what “Drea'” has to offer him. He’ll try her for a trial period, which after a few days he wants a much longer business contract between them because he can’t stop thinking about Andy, but more than just his employee. His attraction to her drives him crazy, and he can’t help but tease and annoy her. Andrea is attracted to Blake for some odd reason. He doesn’t want to let her out of his sight and even though he’s dating these woman Andy has chosen for him, which don’t work out, he wants to have a sexual relationship with her. Andy is insulted at first, but Blake is one heck of a kisser. So she goes for it, and then it becomes even more complicated for them because Blake is falling for Andy, the one woman who is the complete opposite of what he wants in a wife.

Miss Match is a loopy romance. The situation between Andrea and Blake is unrealistic and a bit outlandish, but the way Laurelin has written it, I was hooked right from the start. Blake is not what he seems. He may appear at first to be this rich snobbish douche canoe, but he hides his true self from the world. He’s a secret Downton Abbey addict, loves pinball machines, Dr. Who, sweeping historical dramas and mysteries and sci fi novels. One he lets Andy into his world, he’s a big flirt, and a lovable one at that. He loves poking at Andy, which is very sweet.


Andy is the type of heroine who is a joy to read on the page. One of my favorite scene is where she gives Blake a corgi puppy because she says a man who has never had a pet can’t be trusted, per her mother. Blake takes the corgi grudgingly, acting like he’ll give it up, but he ends up keeping the pup, and giving the pup a very original name of Puppy.

There’s a lot to love with this book. Blake and Andy are on fire together. The initial set up and then when Andy and Blake become “friends with benefits” may raise some eyebrows, but the way it’s solved leaves the reader with warm fuzzies.


Miss Match is the type of book you should pick up when feeling down. You’ll have a big smile on your face the entire time. Must read.