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Review: Chasing Jillian

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Chasing Jillian: A Love and Football Novel - Julie Brannagh

Julie Brannagh's books are like candy- sweet, tasty and oh, so good. So is the case of Chasing Jillian (Love and Football #5). This is a feel good romance within a sports romance. The hero and heroine start out as friends, who become much more to one another. Their interactions are adorable to the max, and Seth, the hero is a top notch book boyfriend. The heroine Jillian has realistic issues and doubts most women have, but her quirks aren't annoying, but endearing. Watching her come out of her shell with the help of Seth is the big pay off here.


Jillian is the new personal assistant to the owner of the Sharks. She wants to make some major changes in her life, specifically lose some weight and stop being a hermit. Because she can't afford a gym membership, she uses the Sharks exercise facility after work. She's caught by Seth, the new linebacker, who just broke things off with his girlfriend who never appreciated him. Jillian thinks she's in trouble for using the exercise equipment, and may be fired because Seth doesn't seem happy that she's there. But realizing he has frightened Jillian, he gives her some pointers to help her enjoy exercising. Jillian is cautious of Seth because he's just so good looking and a hot shot sports celebrity. But Seth seems to be a really nice guy who really wants to help Jillian. The very next day he's there to speed walk with her during her lunch break, and wants to make plans with her outside work. Seth needs a friend, or so he says to Jillian, who just can't understand why he would want to hang out with boring her. But since Seth is pushy (try more like lovable pushy), he gets Jillian to enjoy things outside her comfort zone.

Soon Jillian becomes comfortable around Seth, even though she is very attracted to him. Seth thinks Jillian is something special, but doesn't want to ruin their new friendship, so he tries to ignore his growing feelings for her. Jillian is also worried about her job because her boss gives her a subtle warning about dating his players, including Seth. No one wants Jillian hurt, least of all Seth, who wants to be with her all the time. The question is, can they make it work, and is Seth willing to settle down with Jillian who eventually wants to get married and have a family she has always desired because of growing up in foster care?


Chasing Jillian is a very enjoyable contemporary romance set in the world of football. Julie writes the best type of heroes. Seth is a prince of a man. He is so in tune to Jillian and her slight self-esteem issues. He thinks she's great as is, even though she wants to better herself, which for her means to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. Jillian also has a cute kitty Seth also adores. Seth is the type of hero who wouldn't mind snuggling and cuddling in bed. He's also a big giver, which is shown perfectly when he and Jillian take things to the next level.


Chasing Jillian is another winner from Julie. I will never grow bored of the Love and Football series. A feel good romance with great characters, plot and setting.