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Review: Touched by Angels

— feeling kissed
Touched by Angels - Peggy Webb

Touched By Angels by Peggy Webb (Loveswept #538, published in 1992) is a very sweet and emotional story about two emotionally scarred individuals, who by meeting through some interesting circumstance learn to heal the pain in their hearts. The hero is your stereotypical brooding man with money to spend, who learns to forgive himself and toss away the guilt over his daughter’s death he felt he caused by falling for the heroine, a mother of a mentally handicapped four-year-old daughter.


Jake is a man on running on empty who also has a death wish. Ever since his beloved daughter Bonnie died in a car crash, he’s consumed with guilt. As he drives haphazardly on a winding road, he almost runs over a four-year-old girl in the middle of the road. Jake swerves, and misses her, saving her from death. The little girl doesn’t seem upset or crying. She’s very calm and serene. Suddenly the mother, Sarah Love runs out, finding her daughter to her relief, who wandered off from their new home. Sarah is a single mother, whose husband left because he couldn’t handle Jenny, who is mentally handicapped. Sarah calls Jenny special. She and Jenny have moved into a fixer upper of a house where Sarah will open a store and sell her homemade dolls that have become a hot commodity. Jake is shaken by Sarah and Jenny because they make him feel whole again. He runs away from them, and tries not think of the beautiful woman with an adorable pixie daughter. But Jake can’t stay away, and soon he becomes a big part of Sarah and Jenny’s lives.


Sarah appears as pure as the driven snow, and so understanding to Jake, who she can see is hurting inside. She’s fine with him being friends with Jenny, which may seems strange, because why would a mother be okay with an adult man befriending a little girl? But Jake is more like a father figure to Jenny, and for Sarah, he’s like a knight in shining armor for her.


Touched by Angels isn’t too deep or meaningful, even with the character of Jenny, who gets her own story in a Prince for Jenny, a sequel of sorts where Jenny is an adult woman who has become a famous painter. This is a fast read, which is the case for most of these vintage Loveswept category romances. The sexual tension is there, but minimal, and the foreplay and actual sex (there is one sex scene) is more glossed over and PG-13.


If you enjoy reading about a tortured hero finding redemption with a single mother and her strange, yet special daughter, Touched by Angels might be the novella for you.